François Mascarello

First, there were stucco furniture and marquetry screens. Then wool and hemp rugs. And hand-painted kraft wallpaper... By connecting materials, objects and movements, Parisian artist François Mascarello appoints a world so astounding it spread all the way to New York in no time.

Meet a man who does not censor inspiration. His can be fuelled by any material, idea, current or even the humblest shadow on a photograph. While drawing out their character and manipulating them, he will not hesitate to collide them into unpredictable harmonies. Through his vision, scattered individualities can find togetherness: a single pattern, a symbol or a monochrome will suddenly display rich subtleties and bountiful nuances.

"Bringing out the essence of an unassuming or even poor material is a direct track to its luxury"

A free spirit of the decorative arts, the designer also finds his work buoyed by a great many historic revelations: the Outrenoir of Soulages, the corpus of William Morris or the materialisation of time of Roman Opalka. His creations are acclaimed in boutiques and interiors designed by the greatest architects, probably a direct consequence of their unparalleled ability to bring out the essence of anything raw, or even of a poor material, and reveal the luxury within.

To do so in his realm of painting, sculpture and craftsmanship, François Mascarello conducts unfettered explorations based on restless experimenting, cracking fabrication methods and swaying techniques. While his handpainted wallpapers - oil on kraft - have already won the heart of many places, the artist welcomed a new challenge with Asteré. How do induce life in his work with the same pulse and intensity using only printing techniques?