Porter Teleo

If you have a penchant for anything bold, graphic or avant-garde, then you have already come across Porter Teleo. The iconic designers from Kansas City have made a name for themselves by igniting hand-painted wallcovering with their distinctive modern art flair.

Artist Kelly Porter and interior designer Bridgett Cochran have put together a unique process involving hand-painting each roll of wallpaper and meshing their inspiration to enliven the best of fine art and high design. A neverending love story with colours unseen before, patterns of contemporary art legacy, fresh takes on ancient techniques. And a thrilling propensity to deliver striking forward-looking looks.

“The duo never disappoints in breaking new aesthetic grounds"

Long an ornament from the past, signalling detailed oriented scenics, hand-painted wallpaper blooms into a paragon of modernity in the hands of Porter Teleo. Sating the appetite of the best interior designers for graphic looks and bold colour palettes is no easy task, yet the duo has mastered it into a habit. Their secret: constant innovation and the highest quality in just everything.