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Samir Mazer

An embodiment of the cultivation of humanity, a land that is constantly shaped by men and women and continues to pay homage to its origins, in one form or another. Samir Mazer is among those who mold it, offer it new forms, bring it to life, by renewing its poetry.

Born in Morocco, Samir Mazer takes great elements of his origins into his creations. It is clear in revelation through small terracotta tile, omnipresent in the Arab-Andalusian heritage, zellige. The artist wields it endlessly in rhythmic compositions, expanding its possibilities, its radiance and sometimes expecting almost the impossible.

Composing alongside traditions, with bursts of light.

How can we challenge the conventions of zellige – this traditionally, and highly codified tile, whose use and artistic laws are still unknown to a large majority of craftsmen – without breaking away? To reinterpret this ancient art, Samir Mazer finds new freedom in endless enamels and modulations, with a great deal of experimentation: drawings, collages, folding, casts ...