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Bleu de Patchouli ― AST NT 003 04

Where does this incognito alphabet draw such strength and finesse from? In part from the painters of the Viennese secession, from Otto Wagner, from those who investigated the contours of signs, numbers and punctuation with passion. Also from the ancient and gigantic machine the artist used to lend life to those letters. The swellings of the ink and their relief bring in the vigour of the ground and of the carving tools.

Technical Specifications

  • Reference :

    AST NT 003 04

  • Type :

    Geometric patterns on a non woven backing

  • Dimensions :

    Roll of length 10m (11 yd) X width 0.7m (27")

  • Documents :



AST NT 003 01

AST NT 003 03

AST NT 003 02

AST NT 003 05

AST NT 003 06

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