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Art conceptuel ― AST NT 015 05

Tangled speaks to a sense of adventure that can only be found through the delicate balance between total risk, freedom and discipline. The pattern that initially came to life through a series of instinctual brush strokes, inspired by paintings of both Franz Kline and Jackson Pollock, calls for unpremeditated and limitless musing.

Technical Specifications

  • Reference :

    AST NT 015 05

  • Type :


  • Dimensions :

    Standard of 6m (234" width) x 3m (118'' height) available in 6 drops of 1m (39") or Custom size

  • Comment :

    Hanging the lenghts by overlaping them and cutting both at the same time if several panoramics

  • Documents :



AST NT 015 01

AST NT 015 02

AST NT 015 03

AST NT 015 04

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